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We will be the  world leader  of materials and resources development industry

LS-Nikko Copper is a metal resource company launched as a joint enterprise between LG Metal and JKJS Consortium from Japan in 1998. And after decades of unabated passion and innovation efforts, now we are standing tall as a major player in the global metal industry. And at the same time, we have grown as one of the major growth engines of LS Group, significantly contributing to its profit generation.

Recently, we are seeing the resource industry emerging as a core industry for the future. Tapping into its years of experience and knowledge, LS-Nikko Copper is committed to boosting its growth in a longer term.

And, in all sincerity, we will act with mutual respect, solicitude and trust. We will put the spirit of LSpartnership into action to accomplish higher values together. Through such endeavor, LS-Nikko Copper is set for another take-off as an enterprise that grows with its customers and contributes to the community and the society.

To continue to reap good results going forward, we respectfully ask for your constant interest and heart-felt advice.

Koo Cha-myung ChairmanKoo Cha-myung Chairman